Graphic / Web Design and Illustration


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.



  • Born and raised in the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio; subsequently developed a Rust Belt work ethic. As of 2010, resides in Portland, Oregon.
  • Due to too much college, has a BFA in Graphic Design, minors in Illustration and Computer Imaging, and a BA in Digital Technology and Culture.
  • Active DJ in the Portland area, specializing in a mix of synthesizer-driven music of a particularly "80s European" variety.
  • Currently engaged in the 5/3/1 strength-training regimen, which is producing serious gains.
  • Enjoys playings synthesizers and programming drum machines; avoids guitars.
  • Opponent of personal social media usage. Unable to be "followed".
  • Values the raw, timeless power of humor and satire (possibly due to a long-time infatuation with DEVO and The Simpsons, among other things).


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