Arrakis is nice, so I'll say it twice... / by Rick Vodicka

Someone else’s photo of the Oregon Sand Dunes.

Someone else’s photo of the Oregon Sand Dunes.

As none of you may know, I had long sought to explore the legendary Oregon Sand Dunes, and as it is my nature to TAKE ACTION and make it happen, I can now check off the little box next to “explore the legendary Oregon Sand Dunes” on my moderate list of Thingz 2 Do while in Oregon.

Dude, those dunes are epic… and I don’t mean “epic” in that annoying hyperbolic way in which social media superstars describe mundane matters in their clickbait posts for garbage websites. I mean literally epic, as in “a long narrative poem in elevated style recounting the deeds of a legendary or historical hero the Iliad and the Odyssey.” That is the perfect description of the Oregon Sand Dunes.

I opted not to engage in redneck shenanigans with dune buggies or ATVs or whatever; instead, I set out on foot through miles of dunes, in order to reach the beach. The martian landscape was like nothing I’d ever experienced. I vaguely recall a childhood visit to the Badlands in South Dakota, but that’s boring compared to them sand dunes. Scurrying up giant sand dunes, through constant and strong wind, gave way to views that are second to none. I felt like a warrior of the wasteland, on some sort of quest. I’m not sure what the soundtrack to this film would be, but I’d demand that it be scored by Claudio SImonetti.

Would I go back? Yes.