A Gentle Way / by Rick Vodicka

I am now a Gokyū!


For all you non-Judoka, that means that I have been promoted to the green belt rank in Judo.

This official increase in rank marks the first substantial advancement in my newfound Judo training. I’m proud of pretty much ANYTHING I accomplish in Judo, because I’m getting started on this stuff fairly late in life. But 9 out of 10 scientists agree: Better late than never.

Let me tell you, I have been discovering brand new ways of being very sore, thanks to Judo. My left ankle is very sore; couldn’t tell you exactly why but I have my theories. My upper back / neck area is sore, likely from being thrown on the ground repeatedly or trying to escape holds on the ground. And the persistent shoulder pain. And so much more. No pain, no gain!

As long as my body holds out, I shall continue with my Judo training. Next stop: Yonkyū

(my goal is obviously to reach the point where I am able to either suplex people or pick people up on my shoulders and bodyslam them)